Watsonia residents are somewhat surprisingly disappointed about missing out on the top spot for the most fined train station car park in the Melbourne area. Of the almost 10,000 fines issued across train stations last year, Watsonia accounted for a respectable 771 fines.

However, the 771 fines wasn’t enough to claim top spot from Box Hill which notched an impressive 979 fines. Despite missing the top spot, Watsonia did receive special mention in the report when an expert said, “Watsonia has a vast catchment area and very poor bus services, which is reflected in the stress on the car park”.

Despite the obviously damning nature of that statement and the high ranking for fines, some Watsonia residents are disappointed we didn’t get top spot. One such resident said, “I’m disappointed in a few people actually. Firstly the parkers, if we really want top spot they need to start parking on kerbs and no standing areas. Top spot requires a team effort. Secondly, the parking inspectors. They’re usually the most derided profession in the city, but in this case I wish they’d work a bit harder. Top spot requires dedication from all corners.”

While this kind of enthusiasm for being ranked at the top of an undesirable list may seem odd, local behavioural scientist Caleb O’Connor said it’s actually quite common. He said, “There’s a strange compulsion within the human mind to always strive for number one, even if that ranking is for a less than ideal title. People just can’t help it.”