A local mum has recommenced lying to herself about her kids wanting to collect Coles mini shoppers, as the supermarket giant has released the second series of their controversial incentive range. The mum, who requested strict anonymity, confessed to The Watsonia Bugle that it was actually her that is hooked on collecting the whole set and, at times, she strong-arms her children into pretending that they’re interested in collecting the tiny plastic pieces of crap.

Speaking outside the front of Greensborough Coles, the mum said, “I lied to myself throughout the whole first series, but then I thought I’d gotten real with myself and was over it. But as soon as I heard there was another series, I started to hustle all over again. I don’t want them all. I need them all.”

Controversy continues to follow the range, with regular complaints about the environmental sustainability, or lack thereof, of a whole bunch on miniature plastic items, in addition to the way some people seem to obsess over collecting them all. And while this unnamed local mother can occasionally see the futility of collecting the minis, she remains committed to the cause. She said, “Stuff the environment, stuff all the other mums, I’m getting them all. Even if I have to remortgage the house to buy more and more things from Coles. I’m too far gone to stop now. I’m in this for the long haul.”