A skidmark found on an office toilet bowl has inadvertently presented an uncomfortable moral dilemma for people at a local workplace this afternoon. The unidentified skiddy currently has multiple work colleagues speculating as to its origin, with subsequent innocent toilet visitors unsure how to act on the repugnant remnant.

One such colleague, who requested strict anonymity, contacted The Watsonia Bugle to share their disgust at the unclaimed human waste, saying that it now presented an unwanted set of circumstances for all employees at the office. They said, “It’s a real tough one, to be honest. I mean, nobody wants to brush off a mysterious skiddy, but then what happens if you leave it and then someone walks into the cubicle straight after you? They’re going to assume that you’re the disgusting pig that left the toilet in that terrible state.”

The anonymous source also claimed that this wasn’t the first time the problem had marred an otherwise uneventful afternoon in the office. They said, “I reckon this is the work of a serial offender. It might be time for one of those terribly patronising and passive aggressive signs to be put on the back of all toilet doors. That’s never an ideal scenario, but it sure beats scrubbing off an unidentified piece of poo from what is essentially a public toilet. No thanks.”