A local genius has mischievously exploited 7-Eleven’s current free coffee promotion, publicly describing his actions as “the ultimate life hack”. The convenience store chain is currently offering free coffee for customers that bring their own reusable cup, prompting Yallambie resident Dave Gregson to bring a large soup pot into the store each day for his caffeine hit.

Exactly how many times Gregson has to make a coffee selection to actually fill the vessel remains unclear, but he claims 7-Eleven staff are powerless to stop his obvious rort of a well-meaning system. Gregson said, “Mate, I’ve read the fine print, and there’s no mention of a maximum size, so it’s fair play as far as I’m concerned. If they’re going to set up these types of open-ended campaigns, they’ve got to expect some kind of exploitation.”

While staff at Gregson’s local 7-Eleven weren’t overly impressed with his Machiavellian approach to life, they said it was nothing they hadn’t seen before. One anonymous staff member said, “Before they introduced a few ground rules for ‘Bring Your Own Cup Day’, I saw some pretty wild containers get filled with Slurpee. So, this bloke bringing in his soup pot for coffee is nothing really. It’s just awkward for the poor soul that gets stuck behind him in the queue for the machine.”