A Watsonia mother has spoken about her supreme confidence in being able to complete her family’s entire weekly shop in a blindfold, as long as she was able to select the supermarket he was in. Paula Lannister shared the insight last night at dinner with friends after talk shifted to Sandra Bullock’s smash hit Bird Box film that took Netflix by storm earlier this year.

In short, Bird Box depicts a post-apocalyptic world in which survivors blindfold themselves to avoid catching a glimpse of demonic entities that will lead to an untimely death. Once the film hit Netflix late last year, it spawned the so-called “Bird Box Challenge” in which people all over the world attempted to complete everyday tasks whilst blindfolded, and filming the results for the Internet’s eternal amusement. The trend gathered such swift momentum that, by early this year, Netflix had to issue a public warning against people accidentally causing harm to themselves while walking around blindfolded.

Previously unaware of the “Bird Box Challenge”, Lannister quickly nominated Greensborough Coles as her ideal location for such a task, heard telling her friends, “Yeah, I could do that place blindfolded, no problem”. The self-diagnosed “cultural laggard” then contacted The Watsonia Bugle in an attempt to publicise her bold claims.

In a wide-ranging interview, Lannister said, “Yeah man, for sure. Greensy Coles, no worries. I could probably even get in there to and from the car to be honest, depending on where I could get a park.” While merely naming the aisle number for certain products isn’t hard proof of one’s ability to navigate a supermarket whilst blindfolded, Lannister was able to correctly name the aisle for 10 out of 10 products that we quizzed her on. It was incredible.