A rogue London graffitist is allegedly doing more to promote the great game of Aussie Rules beyond our shores than any overpaid suit working for the AFL. The presumably ex-pat Australian, found on the Instagram handle @afl_stats_in_uk_toilets, regularly posts images of somewhat obscure footy stats scrawled on the walls of various UK bathrooms, inadvertently promoting the virtues of our native game.

The footy stats and facts are depicted in a variety of settings, with some clear highlights including “Jason Ackermanis [sic] was good as at wet weather footy!”, “Mark McGough won the Anzac Medal on his 2nd game when he was 17”, and “Fraser Gehrig kicked 32 goals in finals footy”. While the slogans are reportedly a big hit with Aussies living or visiting abroad, they are also causing a great deal of confusion for English people, with many a raised eyebrow reportedly being seen in public bathrooms across the United Kingdom.

One Aussie ex-pat currently enjoying a gap year in London, Cam Leonard, told The Watsonia Bugle, “They’re just bloody great aren’t they? I’ve seen a few around the traps in London, and always got a big chuckle out of them. Now I’ve found the Insta account, and it’s just great. So great. I don’t know who this legend is but, if I ever find him, I want to buy him a few pints.”

Closer to home, local marketing strategist Hugh Jansen claims the awareness and exposure achieved through this series of slogans is priceless. Jansen said, “The AFL always goes on about brand awareness and fan engagement. They spend millions each year trying to nail those essentially immeasurable things, but this London rogue is doing all for free, and with heaps more authenticity. He’s doing them a massive favour.”