A local commuter is daring to emulate current Twitter sensation “Subway Bae” by becoming “City Loop Dude”, and is planning on staging multiple photoshoots on Hurstbridge Line trains over the next week. Watsonia man Dave Leonard reportedly told friends earlier this week that he “has what it takes to become a viral Internet sensation”, and was currently workshopping the best selfie angles that eliminate his double chin.

Leonard’s bold pitch comes just days after Twitter user @benyahr spotted an amateur selfie model on the New York subway, and filmed her as she conducted a very public photoshoot on the train. The resulting social media traction from the post spread all over the world, and the woman was eventually identified as Jessica George.

While George looked to have some solid form in taking selfies on a train, Leonard conceded that his experience was decidedly less expansive. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle this morning, Leonard said, “Oh yeah, I haven’t taken that many to be honest. Just a few with the missus, but it doesn’t look too hard, and I’ve never been afraid of making a bit of a goose of meself in public, so I should be right.”