A local man has stunned both friends and neutral onlookers after performing a feat of incredibly ingenuity and foresight. During a recent dinner at a local establishment, Callum Andrews did his friends a solid by taking a photo of the Specials board and then showing his friends the image when he returned to their communal table – miraculously saving them the significant inconvenience of having to leave their table to assess the relative value of the exotic menu specials.

While Andrews’ friends were pleased by the innovative maneuver, a nearby table of elderly women were particularly impressed. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, a member of that nearby table, Beryl Matthews, said, “We just couldn’t believe it. How clever?! Young people these days are quite proficient with their technology aren’t they? Such tech wizardry could really revolutionise the monthly dinner we have with the girls.”

When told of the impression he’d made on his fellow diners, Andrews maintained impressive modesty. He said, “I didn’t think it was that big of a deal to be honest. Me and me mates do that kind of stuff for each other all the time.”