A local redhead claims he has dusted off his trusty sunscreen bottle as he prepares to face today’s expected heatwave. Darren McAlister was heard telling his family that “these are the days you get burnt” as he lathered himself in SPF 50+ before heading out to tackle the morning commute.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, McAlister said, “We’re expecting a top of 21 degrees Celsius, mate. That’s prime burning weather. I need to be prepared. Sure, I work in an office, but if I pop out for lunch later on, or get stuck with a window seat in the meeting room, I could be toast.”

McAlister also admitted that it took him a whole to locate the sunscreen this morning. He said, “Yeah mate, it’s been a long cold Winter, so I was searching all around the house looking for that bottle this morning. The thing was covered in dust, but Spring has arrived now, so it will be my trusty day-to-day companion soon enough.”