The sturdy and long-lasting pay phone on Macorna Street in Watsonia North has today proudly recorded its 2,000th consecutive day of not actually placing a call. While nationwide figures of payphone were unattainable at the time of writing, The Watsonia Bugle can reveal that this particular booth is now officially the most underused in the entire Diamond Valley.

While an inside source at the large telecommunications company responsible for the iconic payphone exclusively revealed the 2,000-day milestone to The Watsonia Bugle, they were unable to confirm if any celebrations were planned for the significant milestone. They said, “It’s a strange one. While the lack of use is kind of amusing, we try not to highlight it too much. We love those old things, so we don’t want to bring any attention to the fact that nobody uses them any more.”

One long-time local claimed that the underused payphone holds very strong sentimental value to her. Sara Linsden said, “Oh, I love that payphone. When I was a teenager growing up in Watsy North I used to sneak out to that booth to call boys that I liked. There was no way I was risking those kinds of calls on the home phone. My annoying little brother would always pick up the other phone and try to listen in.”