A local man has been delivered with a stark reminder of how infrequently he sends snail mail, after belatedly realising that there is no longer a post box near the corner of Sellars Street and Kempston Street in Watsonia North. While Luke Paynter remains unsure exactly when the public utility was removed from the convenient location, he maintains that the key takeaway for him is the reminder of just how much the 21st century has changed the way in which people transfer and digest important information.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about his lightbulb moment, Paynter said, “I used to post the occasional letter there, but I honestly couldn’t tell you when it got removed. Could’ve been last week. Could’ve been months ago. Hell, it could’ve been last year. I wouldn’t know. And I drive down that road every single day. I guess it’s true what they say: the times, they are a changing.”

Despite understanding the economic considerations most likely behind the removal of the post box, Paynter said he was still sad to see the end of the small red container. He said, “Why don’t they just keep them for culture and tourism? I mean, look at London. Do you reckon anyone makes a call in them big red phone boxes? No. They don’t. People just take photos in them to show everyone that they’ve been to London. Maybe we could do the same in Watsy North? Make it a real tourist destination?”