A local sports fan is trying to decide whether it’s time to jump on the Boomers bandwagon yet, following a rousing victory on Wednesday night that catapulted the national team into the semi-finals of the Basketball World Cup. While Harry Jones prides himself on being across numerous sports throughout the year, he admits that a heavy recent schedule has meant that international basketball has been on the backburner – until now.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Jones said, “Mate, it’s been a busy month or so. The Ashes has been front of mind, plus footy finals have started. I just haven’t had the mental space to really commit to the Boomers. But now they’ve reached the semis, I think it’s time to jump on board.”

However, despite an apparent enthusiasm to climb onto the runaway bandwagon, Jones holds just a shred of reluctance. He said, “Do I get on now, or do I wait to see if they make it through to the Gold Medal game? It’s a big call. A guaranteed medal is very alluring, and I don’t want to be at the wheel for another semi-final capitulation. I’ve been there before, mate.”