After years of online notoriety, a prominent Queenslander has finally admitted that he gave a fake name for a television interview with Channel 7. A screenshot of the television appearance has since appeared on memes and social media posts all over the world, but we can now reveal the true name of the man universally known as “Jack Mehoff”.

After months of trying to track down “Jack”, we finally made contact with the North Bundaberg resident this week. When we spoke to the famous Queenslander, he said, “Yeah mate, me name’s actually John Smith, but that’s not as funny on one of them caption things down the bottom of the TV screen. So, I went with Jack Mehoff and the rest is history. The boys all loved it, and I was a bit of a legend down at the pub for a few months there. They still bring it up occasionally, but mostly everyone has moved on.”

Smith also revealed that the secret behind getting his obviously provocative name past the stringent controls at one of the nation’s leading television networks was in the way he pronounced it to the reporter on that fateful day. He said, “Well, for starters, I gave me surname first and pronounced it in two parts, like Me… Hoff, and really emphasised the H. Then I paused and waited for them to ask what my first name was. That way it was way harder for them to make the connection. It was the perfect crime really, haha.”