Exclusive photographic evidence has emerged of former Essendon player Scott Lucas attempting to kick with his right foot – albeit in figurine form. Despite having retired from the AFL over 10 years ago, the image of the iconic forward is sure to cause a stir amongst footy circles.

During his career, Lucas was notorious for only ever using his left foot to kick the football, yet in the figurine struck to honour him in 2008 he appears to be shaping up to kick on his right foot. Local Essendon fan Danny Williams said he was staggered to see the image of the figurine. He said, “I don’t know who made the moulds for those little figurines, but they should’ve been sacked! I’m guessing they had a generic body mould for all the players and just switched the heads around, but this Scotty Lucas one is lazy… and grossly inaccurate.”

While Williams was disappointed with the “fault” in the figurine, he actually claimed that Lucas should’ve kicked on his right foot more often. He said, “He’d cross peak hour traffic on the Eastern Freeway to avoid kicking on his right, but the one time he did use his opposite foot, he kicked it to Gary Moorcroft who took the mark of the millennium. So, old Scotty’s right foot was actually an untapped resource.”