A rival newspaper has brutally snubbed The Watsonia Bugle, failing to mention us in a small blurb about Watsonia that placed our beloved suburb at number one in “The Ultimate First Home Buyers Guide”. While the motivations behind the snub remain unclear, Bugle HQ was awash with shaking heads this morning as staff returned to work following a long, and rarely enlightening, day of reading the Sunday Herald Sun from cover to cover.

Despite being super proud of our suburb’s top placing in the guide, many Watsonians remain unsure why the region’s burgeoning online newspaper was omitted from the written description of what makes Watsonia the number one destination for first home buyers. One such resident said, “I don’t get it mate, they nailed the train station, family feel, and thriving retail and food precinct, but no Bugle? What gives? I reckon they’re jealous mate.”

Another local said, “Just do the math. Ever since youse have been pumping up local features we’ve really started to climb the social ladder. How you can write a blurb about Watsy and not include at least a passing mention of the Buges is beyond me. What a bunch of clowns.”