Nanny Plum, the straight talking no nonsense presence in award winning TV show Ben and Holly, is basically the character that all parents wish they could be in pretty much every kids show ever. Throughout the otherwise fanciful adventures of the main protagonists, Ben and Holly, Plum acts as a very grounding presence, regularly rolling her eyes and telling it how it is.

While Plum could be accused of being a glass half empty cynic, most parents could be accused of the same. Too many times in popular children’s shows, the characters engage in ridiculous shenanigans that real-life children seem unable to call the bluff of. 

Greensborough mum, Bec Hanson, told The Watsonia Bugle, “Nanny Plum is kind of like my spirit animal. All this ridiculous stuff going on, and she’s just there keeping it real. She’s a bloody legend.”