Confectionery enthusiasts from around the country are nervously waiting to see if the current absence of Jersey Caramels from Safeway shelves will become a permanent thing. A concerned local contacted The Watsonia Bugle this week in an attempt to publicise the apparent discrepency, claiming that the removal was swift and without warning.

Lisa Jannock said, “I used to treat myself to a packet once a fortnight, they were so delicious, but then in the last few weeks each time I’ve gone to grab them they’ve been MIA. It’s concerning, and I’m hoping it’s just a temporary absence. Surely with such a broad range of confectionery, there’s room for the beloved JC.”

If Safeway have actually removed the treats from their product line it will open a huge gap in the Jersey Caramel market, with many enthusiasts claiming that Safeway’s homebrand JCs were actually the best in the business. Jannock said, “We know that the Kmart ones are rubbish, and Coles just don’t quite cut it, I’m sorry.”