A local man’s allegedly drunken attempt to walk thru a Maccas drive thru has been thwarted by bureaucracy. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Nathan Bruce claims that he was refused service at the nearby McDonald’s “because Victoria has turned into a bloody nanny state, mate”.

Bruce claims that he made the bold attempt early last Sunday morning, but staff would not serve him because company policy strictly states that customers must be in a motor vehicle to get food from the convenient drive thru. Bruce said, “It’s bureaucracy gone mad, I reckon. I even pretended to be in a car and all, just like that Charlie Chaplin bloke, but no dice, they wouldn’t even open their window.”

Reports have also circulated that Bruce’s bold attempt was not an isolated incident, as an anonymous McDonald’s employee said, “Mate, it happens all the time. At least half a dozen times each weekend. It was kind of funny the first time I saw it, but now it’s just kind of sad. I like some originality in my humour, and pretending to be in a car while walking up to the drive thru is well and truly overdone.”