A recent scientific study has revealed that your mate who says they don’t get hangovers is either a dirty rotten liar, or doesn’t actually drink that much during a session. We all know at least one acquaintance who insists they feel fine after a big night out, telling you “I feel fine. I don’t get hangovers. I’m just a bit tired.”

While we’ve always been suspicious of these supposedly superhuman specimens, now we have science to call their bluff, after a study out of a local university revealed that everyone who drinks excessively will suffer a hangover the following day. The study performed detailed health checks on binge drinkers the day after a big session, tracking hydration levels, blood samples, iris dilation, and breath particle content. In addition to these pieces of scientific evidence, researchers also collected verbal statements from the drinkers, who were encouraged to give their own assessment of their health after a big night on the turps. 

At the conclusion of the in-depth study, researchers said those respondents who said they were fine, and somehow miraculously immune from hangovers, were directly contradicting their health test results. While the final paper on the study admitted that some hangover symptoms can vary from person to person, it also concluded that nobody is immune from hangovers, and people who claim as such are basically dirty rotten liars.