A Watsonia woman has made an extraordinary admission to the close friends in her WhatsApp group when she told them that the majority of the time she types “lol” in a message, she isn’t literally laughing out loud. The revelation has both shocked and angered the woman’s friends, resulting in multiple side threads amongst members of the group, as they discuss whether they’re actually as funny as they thought they were.

Rebecca Norman made the stark confession earlier this week after she had typed “literally lol’d” after a particularly humorous quip from one of her friends in the WhatsApp group. Another group member, Danielle Young, was feeling a little mischievous so asked, “what do you mean ‘literally’? Have all your other lols over the years been lies?”

Silence descended on the group for a long, tense five minutes before Rebecca replied with “Um, yes. Sorry girls.” Awkward silence again descended on the group, as members separately messaged each other to express their dismay at Rebecca’s behaviour, and lack of ethics.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Danielle said, “I mean, who does she think she’s dealing with here? We’re her besties. If she can’t be honest with us, who can she be honest with? Here I was picturing Rebecca laughing out loud at all my witty remarks about The Bachelor, when really she was just typing it and not living it. I’m shattered.”