A local man says he is considering applying for the return of hit television show Big Brother, and is confident he’ll give it “a decent shake”. Dean Langley grew up watching the previous iteration of the reality television program in the 2000s, and claims its return in 2020 is primed for his so far failed attempts to find himself.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Langley said, “Mate, the timing just couldn’t be more perfect. I broke up with me missus a few months ago, am in between jobs, and am looking for something a bit different. Besides, I always thought I’d go alright on that show, so now’s my chance.”

Langley also outlined some of the strategies he’s currently employing to strengthen the application he will place in the coming weeks. He said, “Yeah mate, I’ve been hitting the gym for some beach weights, am growing a little flavour saver under me bottom lip, and I’m even thinking about buying a shell necklace. It’s time for Australia to see the real me. I reckon they’ll love me.”