More than 15 years after the release of their hit song ‘London Still’, Australian folk-rock band The Waifs are reportedly still wondering if you’re gonna want to hang at their place on Sundays still. The memorable line from the iconic coming of age tune seems to have never left the members of the band, with a source close to them saying that despite constant travel and distance, they still wish to maintain strong friendships with people who have been part of their life journey.  

The same source told The Watsonia Bugle, “The line in that song has kind of gone on to build a life of its own. I mean, with so many Aussies going over to London to live and work for a year or two, the theme of that whole song just resonated so strongly with so many people. The exact circumstances of the inspiration behind that line may have since passed, but the guys in the band still really strongly believe in the sentiments behind it.