Watsonia man has been banned by his teenage children from saying the word “yummy” following months of backlash against utterances of the word both in public and in the family home. While Graeme Francis intends to challenge the ban, multiple family members are resolute in their stance, telling The Watsonia Bugle that enough is enough.

Graeme’s 16-year-old daughter Stella said, “It’s just gross. He kept saying it more and more lately, so we all just, like, cracked it at him the other day and, like, fully banned him from saying it ever again. At first, he asked if he could at least say it at home but we didn’t allow that. We knew he’d just, like, totally exploit that. So, we’ve taken a zero tolerance approach.”

In response, Graeme told us, “It’s not fair really. I mean, I’ve been banning them from saying certain words for years now, but now they’ve turned the table on me. It’s not even a swear word, but they reckon I say it in a creepy way. They also reckon there should be some kind of age limit on it. And, at 54 years of age they said I’m way over the age limit. One of them said it should be cut off at 40. They’ve gone mad.”