A local travelator seems to have broken from its core business of transporting people from one point to another by now offering pithy fashion advice. The travelator, which moves customers to and from the rooftop car park of a Greensborough supermarket, was spotted over the weekend dispensing a stern warning about the perils of wearing Crocs in public.

Alongside standard safety warnings such as adults holding the hands of children, and not sitting on the handrail, a bright yellow triangle suggests caution be used by people considering wearing the notorious rubber footwear in public.

While Crocs have been the butt of countless jokes for the best part of two decades now, they seem to have found their niche in the shoe industry, with their devotees regularly extolling the virtues of apparent comfort and ease of use.

And one such devotee, Greensborough woman Janice McLennan, is not happy about the level of preachiness coming from the travelator. McLennan said, “As if I’m gunna take fashion tips from a stupid machine. Crocs are, like, really comfy, you should try them. Why should I be cautious about wearing them in public? That’s ridiculous.”