Shane Watson’s Instagram account has been hacked yet again as more inappropriate images appeared on his profile overnight. While the last hacking resulted in images of scantily clad women being posted on his unwitting behalf, the latest attack involved multiple images of Watson’s early struggles with Test Cricket’s Decision Review System.

While Watson is yet to publicly address the recent hacking, the offending images have been removed from his Instagram account, as increased security measures are being considered by the cricketer’s management to prevent further intrusions on his social media presence. A source close to the Watson camp told The Watsonia Bugle, “This latest development is quite concerning. To be honest, Shane is probably more upset by these images than he was of the earlier hacking. What many people don’t understand is that DRS was still quite new to the game in those days, and many cricketers struggled to make proper use of the technology during that transition phase.”

The source went on to say, “The reality is that what Shane did with those frequent challenges of LBW decisions was essentially what every cricketer in the history of the game wishes they could do. It’s just that Shane had the courage to speak up. If anything, his early use of DRS should be celebrated rather than mocked.”