A controversial latex allergy has threatened to destroy Montmorency’s otherwise enviable tranquility, as members of the beloved Monty Life 3094 Facebook group took each other to task on a variety of apparently related issues. In scenes not witnessed since the polite suggestion that people bring their empty bins in a bit quicker than usual, commenters took a particular liking to a post requesting that – in an attempt to cater for people suffering latex allergies – balloons not be used to celebrate Halloween.

The post quickly climbed to over 100 written responses, before comments were disabled on the post due to the lively and, at times, fiery discussion. While The Watsonia Bugle politely declines the opportunity to weigh in on this contentious topic, we did make a quick trip to Were Street this morning to gauge the temperature of the good people of Montmorency following one of the suburb’s most lively evenings in recent times.

While the atmosphere seemed tense, most residents seemed to be putting on a brave face despite the very real threat of their treasured community coming under threat from such voracious debate. Not many locals seemed willing to go on the record about the incident, but one anonymous resident said, “Oh yes, I heard about what happened last night. It was quite interesting wasn’t it? I’m not sure if it was that or the tree that feel down near the station, but the street seems a little sad this morning, hopefully the community can bounce back from this.”