A local business is reportedly considering introducing an office-wide tuna ban due to endless complaints by staff members and clients about the over-powering smell. Management at the local real estate office have already held two meetings on the potential ban, with insiders predicting that a decision will be made in the coming days.

A source from within the office contacted The Watsonia Bugle to discuss the issue, also suggesting that a potential ban could split the office in two. The source said, “In principle most people agree that it either needs to be banned or, at the very least, tightly controlled. However, reading between the lines, we’ve got some very passionate tuna advocates in the office, so a blanket ban could trigger some serious resentment.”

While management refused to answer any of our questions, including whether having such a high auction rate in Watsonia was a good thing or bad thing, they did confirm that a decision was imminent. They also acknowledged the sensitive nature of the topic, but insisted that the overall comfort of all office occupants was paramount.