A Watsonia father of two has admitted to deliberately fudging the lyrics of a classic John Farnham song in an attempt to get a few cheap laughs. The song in question is the timeless “A Touch of Paradise” and, for about 15 years now, David Fredericks has been deliberately singing “You touch my hand, and I wake up naked” instead of the correct “You touch my hand, and I walk off shaking”.

Considering that the actual line in the song is followed by a long and sensual saxophone solo, the lyrics sung loudly by Fredericks always create a very uncomfortable atmosphere in the family car as he chuckles deeply to himself while his teenage daughter and son roll their eyes in unison. While all this is happening, Fredericks’s wife gives him a swift slap of the thigh and exclaims, “David!”

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle this week, Fredericks said, “It’s a real show stopper that one, absolute classic. Whispering Jack is probably the most iconic musician in Australian history and I bloody love him mate. I love to belt out a bit of ‘wake up naked’ in the car, especially when the whole family is in there. When the kids were younger they used to giggle at the word ‘naked’, but now they just sort of tune out. But that’s half the fun!”