Local residents have begun referring to Watsonia as the “Gateway to the World” thanks to the new Skybus service that will shuttle passengers directly from Watsonia Station to Melbourne Airport. The new service, which commences today, now offers an efficient and cost-effective transit service for people in the local area attempting to get to the airport.

With the conspicuous red buses having been seen at Watsonia as early as Thursday morning, the new service is expected to revolutionise travel options from the Diamond Valley to the airport. Local resident Stephanie Fraser said, “This is huge for Watsy. I mean, it really is. We have pretty much become the gateway to the world right now. Watsonia has become the launching pad to literally anywhere on the planet. One minute you could be paying a ridiculously inflated price for petrol, and the next minute you could be munching on a baguette in regional France. That’s pretty awesome.”

Conversely, some travel experts are predicting that the new service will position Watsonia as a hot new holiday destination. Local travel agent Dianne Leonard said, “This is huge for us. Watsonia now becomes the literal first stop in suburban Melbourne for overseas visitors. That’s a big deal. On the back of Taylor Swift holidaying here last year, this could really put old Watsy on the global travel map. It’s very exciting.”