A somewhat bemused local office worker has been forced to enter a Melbourne Cup sweep despite his distinct lack of interest in horse racing and the fact that he isn’t even allowed to select his preferred horse. Cameron Daniels said the annual Cup sweep in the office was yet another example of office activities that you’re essentially forced into doing, like contributing money to farewell gifts for people you hardly know, and buying overpriced fundraising chocolate for someone’s kid’s primary school playground.

Daniels contacted The Watsonia Bugle this morning to air his grievance, saying “It’s a bloody joke mate, every single year. They sting me $5 for what essentially becomes a donation to some dimwitted moron who inevitably wins the sweep and then parades around the office all of Wednesday telling everyone about what was essentially a raffle victory. The whole concept is flawed.”

Daniels even refused to divulge who he’d drawn in the sweep, just saying “who knows mate, probably some useless horse that comes second last so I don’t even get my $5 back”.