An eagle-eyed observer claims he has uncovered proof of a future product collaboration between Mars and Jim Beam. Watsonia man Fraser Callinan says that uncanny similarities in the branding on the two iconic products hints at a future alliance that is sure to delight the segment of the food and beverage market that loves chocolate, bourbon, and being a massive bogan.

Callinan insists that the desirable team-up is happening, with the only question being which format the combination will take. He said, “The two wax seals on the packaging are pretty much identical, so I’ve put two and two together. It’s happening, people. Trust me. I wonder if it’ll be Mars Bar infused cans of Jimmy, or bourbon flavoured Mars Bars. Either way, it’s a win.”

While the basis of Callinan’s claims seems flimsy at best, whispers of the potential mixtures had tongues wagging when we polled passers by on Watsonia Road this morning. One local even claimed that he’d been combining the two items on his own for years. Darren Plumpton said, “One of me fav things to do on a Friday night is work through a six-pack of Jimmys and a 12-pack of fun size Marsys. Normally I start chewing on a Mars before taking a big swig of Jimmy. So good. But if they can make the mix for me, that would be a huge time saver for me.”