A disgruntled local man has controversially endorsed the return of death penalty in Australia if it can be applied to people who cut the drive thru queue at Greensy Maccas. Following a particularly frustrating experience during today’s late morning peak, Luke Williams posted a lengthy rant on Facebook questioning the loss of common etiquette these days, and the decline of western civilisation in general.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle this afternoon, Williams stood by his somewhat inflammatory position, claiming that a harsh deterrent is required to eliminate this unpleasant behaviour. Williams said, “I mean, seriously, what is wrong with these people? We all need our Sunday Maccas, so what makes them think it’s okay to skip the regulation queue and do that sneaky little double back from the road that leads to the Plaza car park? And then they avoid all eye contact while weaseling their way into the drive thru, because deep down they know they’re doing the wrong thing, and have just booked themselves a one-way ticket to hell. It is the absolute height of jerkery. And I’ve had enough!”

While Williams conceded that a death penalty may initially seem extreme for a relatively minor traffic infringement, he suggested that a society that turns a blind eye to basic etiquette is on a slippery slope to utter chaos. He said, “When humanity starts to ignore decency and order, it quickly slips into anarchy. First it’s cutting people in the Maccas drive thru, next it’s ignoring red traffic lights, and then it’s doing obscene things like turning into the IGA car park off Watsonia Road. Before you know it, society is off the rails, and we all lose faith in each other. So why not nip all that in the bud by just exterminating these degenerates before they push us all to the brink?”