A hungover dad has been overcome by the all-encompassing humidity in the Butterfly House at Melbourne Zoo, dramatically passing out in the popular exhibit. Damien Finlayson was on a family outing at the zoo earlier today, backing up after a few too many beers last night, when things turned dire quickly and unexpectedly.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle after his ordeal, Finlayson said, “Oh mate, how embarrassing. I mean, it was a struggle just getting to the Zoo, car trips with a hangover are always a bit dicey. But once I got out in the fresh air, walking around looking at all the animals with the kids, I actually felt alright.”

However, Finlayson claims he knew trouble was on the horizon just moments after entering the intoxicating cauldron that is the Butterfly House. He said, “I’d only been in there for about 30 seconds when I realised I was in strife. And there was a decent crowd in, so it was a real bottleneck just to get onto that narrow bridge in the middle. Me legs started to go wobbly, and I was all light headed and that. Next thing you know, I’m on the ground with me eyes rolling back in me head. Absolute nightmare scenario.”