A local Auskicker has spoken for the first time since news broke this morning about a proposal to shorten the length of half time for AFL matches. And he’s not happy. Watsonia boy Lachie Taylor told The Watsonia Bugle that a potential shortening of half time would be detrimental to the crowd-favourite little league games that take place on the ground during the main game’s longest break.

Taylor said, “This is outrageous! Half time is my time to shine. If they cut the break to just 10 mins, by the time we set up and pack up, that leaves about three minutes for me to weave my magic. Gil’s lost me on this one.”

Whether AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan takes heed of the opinion of a seven-year-old child remains unseen, with reports he was still delivering his speech to open last night’s draft. All calls to AFL House went to voice message this afternoon, with one inside source claiming staff had gone on strike out of fear that the shortening of half time would be extended to their daily lunch breaks. The anonymous insider said, “Yeah, everyone’s losing it in here today, mate. Docklands is sick at lunch time. If my lunch break gets cut I’m out.”