A prominent Briar Hill vigilante claims she has adopted an entirely plant-based diet after watching popular Netflix documentary The Game Changers. The new regime is a radical lifestyle change for Megan, who was previously known as the Diamond Valley’s most passionate anti-vegan, and a dedicated pro-meat campaigner.

Previously the inventor of such inspired slogans as “Eat Rissoles”, “Hug Your Butcher” and “Merry Meatmas”, Megan rose to prominence in 2017 after we broke the story of her bold campaign against veganism, which involved scrawling a variety of slogans on a residential fence that faces St Helena Road. The story went viral, stretching as far as esteemed publications the Herald Sun and the Daily Mail, before Megan seemingly retreated from public life, not having spoken to the people since May last year.

However, in an exclusive interview with The Watsonia Bugle this week, Megan spoke about her radical change of philosophy, revealing that watching The Game Changers had forced her to question her former life, including her intense relationship with meat. She said, “It just really made me think, you know. Obviously, I was an incredibly passionate carnivore before this, but I’ve changed now. And I’ve never felt better. Honestly.”

Megan said she’d been totally meat-free for two weeks now, and was loving the new dietary approach, but was not sure if she’d start scrawling pro-plant slogans on local fences to promote her new beliefs. She said, “I’m not sure yet, I mean, it’s only been two weeks. If I’m being totally honest, maybe all that meat consumption was making angry, and that’s why I lashed out by defacing public property. Time will tell.”

Meanwhile, Megan’s local butcher has spoken of his sadness about the loss of his most loyal customer. He said, “This is terrible, it really is. I’d just bought me third holiday home down on the coast. Megsy was pretty much funding my property portfolio. Without her, I don’t think I’ll be able to afford the mortgage repayments. Hopefully it’s just a phase.”