Controversial former rugby player Israel Folau has retrospectively blamed Australia’s acceptance of same sex marriage for the Bundoora Smorgy’s inferno that occurred more than six years ago. A source close to Folau made the spectacular link, less than two weeks after news broke that he’d linked the recent fatal bushfires in New South Wales to our nation legalising same sex marriage.

The comments about the bushfires in NSW were widely condemned, so much so that even Alan Jones distanced himself from the absurd comments. But now it seems Folau is throwing retrospective scorn on the people of Australia, with an anonymous source claiming, “Yeah, Issy was saying the other day that there’s been warning signs for years. He reckons when Bundoora Smorgy’s burned down, we should’ve accepted that was a sign that our society’s moral compass needed recalibrating.”

Despite same sex marriage not being legal at the time of the blaze that ultimately destroyed Bundoora Smorgy’s, the source claimed Folau held strong on his view. The source said, “Even when we told him that fire was six years ago, he held strong. He just kept saying ‘warning signs’ over and over again. It was kind of weird. He’s gone so rogue now, I’m not sure how to react.”