A local man claims that he’s genuinely not sure if he’s working hard or hardly working, after being asked that exact question earlier today. Daniel Johnson seemingly ignored the light-hearted intentions of the question and launched into a deep introspection about his professional vocation, worth to society, and the impending impact of climate change on modern society.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about his conundrum, Johnson said, “Mate, it really got me thinking. I mean, why do I come to the office each day? Is all this toil actually worth it? When I was a young fella, I thought I could really make a difference to the world, you know? But now it’s just an endless stream of pointless email chains, and spreadsheets that seem to ask more questions than they answer.”

While Johnson conceded that the initial question was never meant to send him into this catastrophic spiral, he claimed that openly questioning the meaning of life was now unavoidable. He said, “I know the bloke who asked it was just trying to be funny, but the horse has bolted now. There’s no turning back from here in the unforeseeable future.”