Freshly retired Richmond footballer Alex Rance is reportedly preparing to spend more time pursuing his other sporting passion: competitive diving. While news of Rance’s AFL retirement sent shockwaves through the footy community earlier today, a source close to the brilliant backman claims a diving career awaits.

Such a bold sporting switch would be the first of its kind, but Rance’s enthusiasm for diving has previously crossed over into his football. Not only did he occasionally perform impressive acrobatics on the field, the multiple All-Australian also pursued aquatic activities off the field, often seen belly flopping into the spa baths at Richmond, and “swimming” laps on the floor of the Richmond dressing rooms.

The anonymous source, “It might seem a bit left-field to some, but those who know him have had an inkling about this for ages. I mean, he looks great in speedos, has a superb rig, and has previous form of launching into a dive on the footy field. And with the Olympics coming up next year, don’t be surprised if you see Rancey up on the high board in Tokyo.”