The packaging on delicious Pineapple Pumps has a tag line of “with real fruit juice” which we think is both fanciful and pointless. Apart from the fact that defining pineapple juice concentrate is a loose interpretation of “real fruit juice”, are people really buying Pineapple Lumps for their resemblance to healthy food? We took to the streets of Watsonia yesterday to find out. Here’s what you said…

Brendon, 36, Watsonia: You’re kidding me aren’t ya? As if there’s real fruit juice in that. Why bother?

Sally, 42, Greensborough: Haha, I’m pretty sure no pineapples were harmed in the making of these.

Paul, 61, Bundoora: If I wanted to be healthy I’d go to the bloody fruit shop! This is typical of our soft younger society, it’s all about appearance and not about substance!

While Paul seems to have gone off on a strange tangent, it seems the people of Watsonia Road are united: trumpeting the existence of “real fruit juice” in Pineapple Lumps is a waste of time.