MIA Prime Minister Scott Morrison has inadvertently added another item to the growing list of things that he doesn’t do, after telling a radio station that he’d be back from holidays “as soon as I can”, but wouldn’t be much help in fighting the fires currently raging around Australia because “I don’t hold a hose mate”. While speaking to Sydney radio station 2GB, Morrison claimed that “It’s not easy to get back, but I will as soon as I can,” despite being the Prime Minister of the country and presumably having access to the kind of transportation that could get him exactly where he needs to be at any point in time.

Locals have grown increasingly unimpressed by the performance of our Prime Minister over the last few weeks, as NSW continues to face appalling fire conditions, and an online petition has garnered over 60,000 signatures to remove Morrison from the nation’s leadership. So low is Morrison’s current standing that even Lara Bingle has taken a shot, pointedly Tweeting in all caps “WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU???”

According to local political analyst Trevor Nelson, blatantly pointing out an inability to “hold a hose”, particularly in a time of crisis, was not the smartest move by our PM. Nelson said, “I mean, the list of his failings is growing, so the last thing he should be doing is adding items to that list. Even if we ignore the fact that his statement suggests he’s above getting his hands dirty and helping to fight fires, it’s just an absurdly tone-deaf thing to say. And makes you wonder just how deep his ineptitude runs for the simplest of motor skills.”