An inner north hipster is continuing her search for the best Instagram filter to accentuate the smoke haze currently engulfing Melbourne. Tamara Leonard has spent the last three days providing her followers with regular updates on the air quality in her home town, but claims she hasn’t quite found the best filter to make the scene look as bad as possible.

In between Googling “Best face mask for smoke haze” and ensuring that her rescue greyhound’s collar matches his overcoat, Leonard has been busy experimenting with the Instagram filters on both her regular posts and her Instagram Stories. While seemingly ignoring the much worse conditions being faced by people living in the fire areas, Leonard said, “I really just, like, want to highlight how difficult it is living in Melbourne right now. I mean, the air quality is dire, man.”

Despite the detailed search, Leonard insisted that she was yet to nail the perfect filter. She said, “The search continues, yeah. I’m close. I’ve narrowed it down to about three or four options. Hopefully I can nail the choice before the smoke cloud does a full lap of the globe.”