The marriage between two Watsonia residents is under serious threat after the husband has been flouting what he describes as “unmistakable scientific evidence” that not making the marital bed in the morning is actually healthier than making it. The study, which first rose to prominence in late 2017, claims that unmade beds were less attractive to dust mites and other creepy crawlies that apparently love to nestle under the covers of a made bed.

The scientific evidence has now inadvertently sparked division in the marriage between Shaun and Vanessa Power. According to Vanessa, “Shaun hasn’t stopped quoting it for over a week now. So, every bloody morning he starts spouting off about how he’s not going to make the bed because he doesn’t want to risk my health. Truth is he’s a lazy slob and I borderline hate him.”

Vanessa has been so enraged by the recent events, that she took the extraordinary step of actually further researching the study. She said, “I hate to say it, but it was a genuine study. The facts are kind of undeniable. But that doesn’t mean Shaun’s off the hook. If he’s so enthusiastic about not providing ideal habitat for dust mites, then why does he keep that disgusting pile of dirty clothes in the corner of the bedroom?”