Nominations are now open for local identities to become characters in an exclusive Diamond Valley edition of the iconic Guess Who? board game. The team behind the innovative concept are asking for nominations across the local area so they can furnish a full board with iconic figures in our community.

A source from the team said, “We want to collect as many nominations as possible. The DV is an incredibly rich tapestry characters, and we want all the key players to make our final edition. If you think you know someone who needs recognition, we want to hear about it.”

The proposal comes after a failed attempt to produce a Diamond Valley–themed edition of Monopoly, but the Guess Who? proposal is expected to be more viable in the long-term. Our source said, “The problem with Monopoly is that it’s terribly overrated. It’s supposedly the king of board games, but it’s a nightmare to play. Just goes on and on, and has no logical conclusion. Guess Who? is heaps more fun.”