A local branch of the Bank of Dad has dropped its interest rates as the “Okay Boomer” phase seems to be dying down. Bank CEO Lester Jones revealed that rates were increased in mid-November last year in response to the dismissive phrase and its rampant use amongst younger generations.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Jones said, “The initial rise of interest rates in November were intended as a gentle message to the youth that we have the power to hit them in the hip pocket if they continue with the incessant ‘Okay Boomer’ chat. Two months on, I feel the message has been received, and ‘Okay Boomer’ has already been filed away in the annals of history, used more as an ironic phrase now than the cutting manner in which it was originally delivered during that obscene fortnight.”

Jones also took the opportunity to remind his customers that rates were entirely at his discretion. He said, “Just because I’ve dropped them this time, doesn’t mean I can’t raise them again in future. While no other financial institution can offer the leniency and ongoing support that the Bank of Dad generally provides, we are also capable of delivering some harsh financial realities if pushed too far.”