A Watsonia man says he felt the judging eyes of a local bottle shop attendant last night whilst using a docket voucher to purchase a 6-pack of beer. Nathan Lynch said he often takes up the generous offer of cut-price beer on his supermarket docket, but would now think twice after last night’s incident.

Speaking about his ordeal, Lynch said, “I’ve been using them dockets for a year or so now, and I reckon they’re great. Just a cheeky little 6-pack every so often if it’s a decent beer that week. I always felt like some of the staff thought I was a tight-arse for using the dockets, but last night it was pretty obvious. I think there was even an audible sigh when I plucked the scrunched-up docket out of me pocket. And there was definitely an eye roll.”

Still visibly shaken by the experience, Lynch said he should be able to enjoy discounted beer without the fear of being judged or made to feel less of a man. He said, “Bottle shops are one of my favourite places in the world. They’re my safe place. I don’t ever want to be made to feel like that every again. It was horrible.”