A Watsonia North couple have placed a deposit on their third private yacht after predictions indicated that their suburb will experience Victoria’s biggest growth in median house prices this year. Brian and Karen Rawlings claimed that the expected increase of 6.8 per cent in local property values would be enough for them to splash out and get that third yacht they’d always dreamed of.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle on the way home from their preferred Williamstown shipwright, Karen said, “The property market has obviously been through a bit of a slump recently, but this is exactly the kind of news we needed to gain the confidence to expand our fleet. Now we’ll have yachts moored near each of our little beach getaways across Australia: our surf coast property in Ocean Grove, our bayside retreat in Portsea, and our winter warmer in Noosa. It will just be divine.”

In addition to providing the Rawlings’ with some increased fiscal confidence, news of the soaring real estate values in Watsonia North could also put to bed the ongoing debate around where Watsonia’s Paris End really is. According to Brian, it’s time to redraw the borders. He said, “This should permanently end any conjecture around which of Watsonia’s many fine regions is superior. Viva la Watsy North!”