The official admin for a local community Facebook page has likened her role to that of a Sheriff in the Wild West, saying she is constantly having to weigh into petty disputes and deal with miscreants. The local woman – who requested strict anonymity – claims her role has become increasingly challenging and nuanced, after initially creating the group to just build a bit of community support and togetherness.

The admin says she knew she was in trouble within the first month, when a seemingly well-meaning post encouraging people to secure their personal belongings overnight spiralled into a rabid debate about the existence or non-existence of gang-related crime in the local area. She said, “My life is basically the Ron Burgundy ‘that escalated quickly’ meme over and over again. You just never know how many keyboard warriors are hiding in the shadows of the Interwebs waiting to pounce on some unsuspecting victim.”

In a broader context, she claimed that the last couple of years had caused her to lose just a little faith in human decency. She said, “Have you seen some of the things people write in the comments? These people are animals. And I’m constantly having to wade through that human soup of shame. I’m almost ready to hand my badge in. Seriously.”