A local mother has openly questioned the validity of her toddler’s most recent meltdown, suggesting that life really isn’t that bad for young children of this generation. Stacey Hudson was initially shocked by the ferocity of her 3-year-old daughter Willow’s meltdown yesterday, but then shock turned to incredulity when she balanced the facts behind why Willow was so upset.

Willow was reportedly not happy with the speed of food service while she was reclining on the couch and watching Netflix, causing her to throw multiple items around the lounge room, shout Stacey’s name, and then unleash a torrent of tears as she lay face down on the couch pounding her fists into the cushions. She then started vehemently making threats to her mother, telling her she didn’t love her anymore and that she wasn’t, in fact, her mother at all.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle after the incident, Stacey said, “At first I was just surprised by the tantrum, but then I took stock and thought, ‘this kid actually has nothing to be complaining about’. I mean, just about every day of her life is planned around what she would like to do, what she would like to eat, and when she needs to have a nap. She actually lives a pretty good life, so she has no right to be crying about the length of time it takes me to toast her a couple of crumpets while she lies there watching TV in the middle of the day.”