The coronavirus fear has suddenly gotten very real for a local soft drink addict after news broke this week that Diet Coke supplies could be impacted by the health crisis. Watsonia man Cameron Grainger was shaken by the suggestion that his favourite non-alcoholic beverage could soon be in short supply, and plans on spending most of tonight visiting local supermarkets to stockpile cans of what he refers to as “his liquid pleasure”.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle in a semi-panicked state, Grainger said, “I wasn’t too stressed about it all until today, to be honest. I mean, the common flu kills way more people, so I thought everyone needed to just calm down a little. But when they start talking about potential Diet Coke shortages, I’m all ears, man. I’ve been Googling all arvo. The World Health Organization has some really useful information. The Australian government should be doing more to combat this problem.”

The impact on Diet Coke centres around delays in the production of artificial sweeteners that are usually sourced from China, where coronavirus is currently at its worst. According to Grainger, “This just isn’t good enough really. I mean, surely a big corporation like Coca-Cola have contingency plans for such an essential product. The world needs Diet Coke. If I don’t have my Diet Coke, we’re gonna have a problem, man.”