The modern edition of an iconic birthday cake book has drawn criticism from one local amateur baker for a supposed “Americanisation” of our native game of Aussie Rules. Watsonia mother of two, Karen McAllister, purchased the book of reimagined cake designs earlier this week, but says she was disgusted when she discovered the so-called new and improved football cake design.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, McAllister said, “It’s an absolute joke. Look at it. I mean, the initial one wasn’t great, but it was designed in 1980, so wasn’t too far off the bloated Sherrins that were used in those days. But this 2020 version is unmistakably an American football. C’mon Women’s Weekly, what are you playing at? Just because the AFL steals all of their ‘innovative ideas’ from American sports doesn’t mean you have to. Not only is the colour a classic gridiron shade, they’ve even added pointy ends. It’s a farce.”